We believe in


There’s power in numbers.

Grow Together

We don’t just want to build bigger boats. We want to raise the tide for all MSPs.

We’ve seen first-hand how sharing ideas can provide powerful solutions to complex problems. That’s why we built Rising Tide – A company that seeks to use those ideas to benefit of our entire industry.

Mendy Green talking on stage amongst a lineup of the the MSGGeek Admin team at MSPGeekCon 2023
Mendy and the MSPGeek Admin team at MSPGeekCon 2023

Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for growth and success. We commit ourselves to empower MSPs by providing top-notch, transformative services designed to boost their performance. We believe in fostering independence, not dependence, and our ultimate goal is to equip MSPs with the knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to thrive independently. Our success is measured by the resilience and self-sufficiency of our clients, rather than their ongoing need for our services.

What We Stand For

Our Values

Stay in touch

One of the main sources of conflict in the world is the frustration and distrust that stems from improper or mismanaged communication. We strive for constant communication at all times to set expectations and ensure smooth interactions

Brutally honest

We want to be transparent, and honest to a fault, integrity is where it’s at, while still giving tact and elegance its rightful place.

Make an impact

Everything we do is towards progress. We’re actively moving the needle and thriving, not surviving.

Walk a mile

We put ourselves in the other’s shoes and understand their perspective, we want to make sure we know what we are solving for and FEEL the pain points that need to be addressed

Walk outside the box

We want to make sure the right tool is used at the right time. If a solution we have doesn’t fit perfectly, let’s take the time to explore the problem and identify if a better solution is available.

Never stop learning

Even if it’s something we know, there’s always more to learn and we should be open to the idea of change and be agile to it. Our value is our skills not our knowledge.

Don’t be evil

Some are not more equal than others, everyone should be treated the way we ourselves would want to be treated. Respectfully, honestly, and equally.

Eye on the prize

We are working towards a goal and want to make sure everything we do is for that goal. We do not want to get lost in the weeds and forget the path we are heading for.


What Our Clients Say