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IT management is challenging and ever changing. Choose the structured but flexible approach to documentation that makes teams more efficient, customers happier, and businesses more successful.

When it comes to documenting for MSPs, there are only a few choices in terms of platforms that were designed specifically to fit this task. Rising Tide Consulting Group is an authorized reseller and hosting provider of Hudu!

Hudu through active participation in the MSP Community and consistent delivery new features and improvement has proven themselves as a Vendor who listens and responds to feedback. The modern platform is built on Docker and comes with self-hosting options as well as Magic Hudu offering (hosting offered by Hudu) or as mentioned hosting from us if you prefer.

Rising Tide Hosted Hudu Platforms

Rising Tide has partnered with to provide best-in class offering for a hosted documentation platform. Services come with various add-ons.

Base Packaging (good for 50 users)

  • Hosting platform of Hudu with Local Storage on a non-HA instance, hosted in DigitalOcean
  • Your own sub-domain on a non-branded TLD of “”, proxied via Cloudflare
  • Installation and Setup included with no additional fees. (Does not include migration project)
  • Safe database backup securely stored in a cross regional DigitalOcean datacenter S3 bucket (every 6 hours).
    - You do have the option of bringing your own Obejct Storage bucket for backups.

Add-ons available

  • Kubernetes Cluster + Managed Database Cluster with 99.95% uptime guaranteed by DigitalOcean (addl $100/month)
    - DOKS Services with HA with multiple App replicas
    - Managed Database with daily backups for 7 days and PITR
  • Bring Your own Domain + Cloudflare Tunnel Proxy (addl $40/month)
  • Cloudflare Zero Trust lockdown with Access Policy setup (addl $4/month/user, not available if you BYOD)
  • Migration services of existing on-prem or hosted Hudu to RT Hosted Hudu or vice versa ($1400 flat project fee)
  • Backup services of files/attachments/images from S3/Local Storage (addl $50/month)

Tiered Pricing by User:

1-10 Users: $33/user/month ($30/user/month billed annually)
11-30 Users: $30/user/month ($27/user/month billed annually)
31-100 Users: $27/user/month ($24/user/month billed annually)
100-200 Users: $24/user/month ($21/user/month billed annually)
200+ Users: $21/user/month ($18/user/month billed annually)

Please reach out if you’re unsure about the resources needed for the number of users or size database.

Please have the website available while filling out this form, as there are values, you’ll need.

Please note any sensitive information you submit gets permanently deleted from our systems after the request has been deemed closed. Please save a copy of the ENV file when you finish filling in the generator.

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