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Team Training

Inspire Your Team

Leadership Training

Effective leaders attract talent, rally their teams, make bold decisions, and drive growth. They earn trust and loyalty from employees, anticipate change, take decisive action, and transform organizations.

A great leader knows how to align their business goals with a compelling purpose that motivates people and build inclusive cultures that foster innovation.

  • Inspire and motivate employees, driving higher productivity and job satisfaction
  • Foster collaboration, innovation, and a positive workplace culture
  • Make wise strategic decisions that propel business growth
  • Attract and retain top talent by creating an engaging and supportive work environment
  • Serve as a role model and mentor, developing future leaders within the organization

Escalation training

  • What are your options when your highest point of escalation today is stuck on a problem they cannot solve?
  • How many tickets are either closed unresolved or are left open forever until “we figure it out”?
  • How many of those calls go to a vendor and then never make any progress?

Empower your technicians with expert coaching from our mentors. We'll guide them through the art of escalation, providing clear strategies for each tier. Learn how to recognize when escalation is necessary and how to effectively handle the ticket at hand. Discover the key insights for vendor engagement and unlock the secrets to achieving optimal resolutions every single time. Our comprehensive training will raise your team to new heights of success.

Team Workshops

Elevate your team's technical and customer communication skills to new heights. Quantifying technical ability can be challenging, but Rising Tide has the expertise to set a high standard. Our training and coaching will equip your teams to excel and handle even the most challenging situations.

Skills Training

Is there a specific topic you’d like your team to brush up on?

We offer hour-long digital or on-site sessions for teams of any size, curated to topics you find most important. Need ideas? Here are a few examples of our favorite sessions we’ve completed recently.

Core troubleshooting fundamentals - Critical Thinking 101

Microsoft Windows Server or Desktop concepts

Networking Fundamentals or Advanced Troubleshooting

Microsoft Addon Server Roles, MSSQL, Exchange, IIS

DevOps, understanding the power of automation

VoIP and Telephony

Make a training plan to elevate your staff

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Resolve issues faster with critical thinking and  problem solving
Improve efficiency through increased skills and competency
Grow your company by building a team of leaders


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