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HaloPSA is one of the only fully featured modern Professional Service Automation systems out there right now available for use by MSPs. It comes with all the necessities such as reporting, billing, agreements, and asset tracking but also adds on additional integrations to almost every software that would be within an MSP Stack including Pax8, Microsoft CSP, Azure, and more. With the HaloIntegrator software, built in webhooks, an action-oriented ticketing workflow, and the use of Web Sockets for real-time updates to the display screen HaloPSA gives you a full ITSM, CRM, and Customer Portal at an all-in-one flat rate per user price.

HaloPSA has been extremely active on the /r/msp and MSPGeek communities, and has been very accommodating on new feature requests, with new code shipping to beta every 2-3 weeks. The industry is currently lined up for a massive shakedown as people are starting to see a mass exodus off traditional PSA Systems to HaloPSA. Visit our portal to sign up or request a conversation with Mendy if you’d like to discuss it further.

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